The world's best tampon and pad replacement.

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Tired of dealing with the stickiness and the mess involved with tampons and pads?
Tired of getting to that certain time and realizing you forgot to stock up?
Tired of having to remember to swap out and experience the irritation and discomfort?

We were tired too. That's why we created EllaCup, the superior replacement.

EllaCups have been created to accommodate all of your period protection needs. This delicately soft and reusable menstrual cup is made from the highest medical-grade silicone. Unlike tampons and pads that absorb and often irritate your intimate balance, the EllaCup simply collects menstrual flow to be discarded later. EllaCups have been carefully designed to perfectly shape itself to your body for excellent comfort, protecting from the lightest to heaviest flows for up to 10 hours.

Professionally designed and created, the EllaCup perfectly molds itself to your body for exceptional comfort, protecting you from your lightest to heaviest days for up to 10 hours.

If you've been looking for something to make your life easier and more enjoyable during that time, then look no further because you've found the EllaCup.


Discover The Benefits

Forget About Your Period For Up To 10 Hours

No more bothersome tampon changes. No unsightly strings or pads. No dryness or irritated balance.
Completely fresh with zero odors. Incredibly soft and flexible. 24/7 protection day and night.

Compare The Difference

  • Up to 10 hours protection
  • 100% hypoallergenic safe medical grade silicone
  • No irritation or dryness
  • Can be used all night
  • Protects your intimate balance
  • No fibers, bleaches, or harmful chemicals
  • Reusable and extremely environmentally friendly
  • No links to TSS
  • $29.99, lasts for years
  • About 4 hours of protection
  • Contains bleaches, fibers, and other irritants
  • May cause dryness, irritation, and offsets intimate balance
  • Made with chemicals and various substances
  • May not be as effective overnight
  • Not environmentally friendly
  • 40-80 used per year
  • Linked to TSS
  • $70-$110 per year

Discover the Simplicity

How To Use

Just like a tampon, angle the folded cup towards your tailbone and insert it upwards until the stem is inside.

Note that the Ellacup rests in a lower position than a tampon. The tip of the stem should be at approximately half and inch above your vaginal opening.

Regardless of how you fold your EllaCup, it is vital that the top of your cup is completely opened once it has been properly inserted. Gently squeeze the base of the cup (not the stem) and twist it slightly to ensure it forms a seal. Please be sure that a seal is formed in order to avoid any leaks.

Tips on how to form a seal:
Be completely relaxed and comfortable.
Rotate the cup by the base about a half-turn.
Wiggle the cup in all directions.
Run your finger around the walls of the cup.
Lightly tug down on the cup, if you feel it doesn’t move, then it is sealed.

Be sure to practice on days you are not experiencing your period in order to learn your personal method of success.


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